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At Your Site | Bakken Museum

At Your Site


Add some spark to your Event!

Perfect for libraries, scout groups, science fairs, and other family or youth events outside of the school day, these customizable programs bring entertainment and education to all ages.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an event, please contact: 

Anika Taylor or 612.926.3878 x203


STEM Event

Hosting a STEM event?  You provide the volunteers, we’ll provide the activities!

Bakken educators will come to your event loaded with hands-on experiments, cool science demonstrations, engineering challenges, and simple STEM activities that participants can try.  Your volunteers will receive training on how to facilitate these activities with event guests. 


Schedule and fees:

3-4 Tables, 1 Bakken educator                    $125/hour + $50 set up fee

5-6 Tables, 1 Bakken educator                    $170/hour + $50 set up fee

7-10 Table, 2 Bakken educators                 $200/hour + $50 set up fee


STEM Event Additions:

15-30 minute Science Demonstration                                     $100/hour

Assembly Performances (up to 300 people/show)           $200/show


A La Carte Options


Science Table Activity                     $50/hour + $20 set up fee

For each table, we provide the educator and hands-on experiment or activity.  We will work with you to find an age and theme appropriate table activity for your event.


Nanoscience Demonstration                      $120/hour          

25 minutes per demo (2 per hour)


Magnet Demonstration                                $120/hour

10 minutes per demo (4 per hour)


Static Demonstration                                     $120/hour

10 or 25 minutes per demo (2 or 4 per hour)


Static Workshop

A Bakken instructor will lead the audience through a number of demonstrations where they will get to experience static electricity first hand.  This engaging and energizing presentation gives everyone the opportunity to learn about electricity by recreating many of Ben Franklin's historical experiments, understanding how static works, and experiencing its effects, leaving participants excited to learn more about science.


Audience: Mixed age/Family, up to 120 people

Schedule and fees: 30 minute program:  $120/first workshop, $60/additional workshop

                                    60 minute program:  $200/first workshop, $100/additional workshop


Assembly Shows

Shocking News About Your Heart

This fun-filled, educational, and interactive presentation is designed for both children and adults.  The show uses audience participation and demonstrations as well as some wacky historical characters to teach the audience about the electrical nature of the body and the Chain of Survival, the steps to help someone suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


War of the Currents

Students will learn about electrical generation, transmission, and conservation through the story of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison and their historic debate over Alternating Current versus Direct Current told in an engaging and interactive way.  This presentation empowers students to think about how they can help solve the energy challenges we face today.


Small Stuff, Big Deal

The nanoscale describes things in our universe that are very small, but just how small are we talking? And if these things are so small, why do we concern ourselves with them? Considered to be the cutting edge of STEM research today, nanoscience explores some very little things that may have a very big impact on our lives. Students will see and participate in exciting and surprising demonstrations and experiments that encourage them to consider both the power and the potential problems with this frontier of discovery.


Audience: Mixed Age/Family, up to 300 people (not recommended for very young audiences)

Schedule:  30 to 45 minute performance, flexible

Fees: $350/first performance, $200/additional performance on same day